Journey: Tuan Chau island – Thien Cung cave – Dinh Huong islet - Ga Choi islet – Van Boi islet -Titop island – Chan Voi islet – Tuan Chau island
General information about Tour:
Tour Price: 105 USD / person
Duration: 10 minutes
Tour Type: Sightseeing Tour

Tuan Chau Island: As our helicopter takes off from the bustling and vibrant Tuan Chau Island, passengers will find themselves fascinated by the chains of luxurious 5-star hotels and various entertainment forms scattered across this beautiful jewel of Ha Long Bay.

Thien Cung Cave: Located in the northern tip of Dau Go Island, 4km away from the ship harbor, Thien Cung Cave is one of the grandest and most beautiful grottos in Ha Long Bay, possessing a wide range of exquisite limestone and stalagmite system.

Ga Choi Islet: Ga Choi Islet, also known as Trong Mai Islet, is located in the southwest of Ha Long Bay, about 5 km from Bai Chay beach. The islet got its name from the figures of two huge chickens facing each other, their wings spread to prepare for a ferocious fight. The islet rising in the middle of the ocean has become the famous icon of Ha Long Bay.

Titop Island: Titop island, which is located about 7 - 8 km in the south of Bai Chay ship harbor, possesses crescent shaped like white sand and the aquamarine water sparkling against the Ha Long Bay sun throughout the year. A clear view of layers of the glistening sand and crystal clear seawater embracing the island from above is what attracts tourists to take a helicopter flight to enjoy the picturesque beauty of Ha Long Bay.

- High Tech Headsets for aerial tours’ narration in three languages;
- Passenger insurance;
- Opportunity to take photos with pilot and aircraft;

- Complimentary transfers to the heliport
- Complimentary refreshments before/after your flight


a. Pricing
Prices are subject to change depending on currency exchange rate and tax at the time of the booking.

b. Tour schedules
Tour schedules are subject to change at the pilot’s discretion as a direct result of bad weather condition, a maintenance issue that was unplanned or some other operational issue beyond our control.

c. Flying with Children
Children under 24 months of age are not allowed on board for safety reasons. Children 24 months and older require an individual full-fare seat.

d. Luggage
You are permitted to bring personal items such as cameras, phones, glasses or sunglasses aboard the aircraft. Purses, bags, handbags, camera bags, scarves, hats and other loose items of clothing will need to stay at the heliport in a private secure locker.
To ensure the flight safety, passengers are not allowed to carry explosives, flammable substances, metal corrosive substances, sharp objects and any objects threatening to cause harm to other passengers on board and the helicopter itself.

e. Weather
All flights are subject to weather and light conditions at the pilot’s discretion. VNHN will not be held liable for any cancellation as a result thereof.

f. Additional Waiting Time
While every effort is made to accommodate a passenger’s request for additional waiting time, this will depend on VNHN’s commitments. After a free 15-minute grace period, an additional charge of 15% of the service price will come into effect. A delay of more than 30 minutes will be considered as a no-show and charged accordingly.

g. Late-show
Timing is very important for a helicopter tour and VNHN will not be able to accept any delay. Should the guest be late, the helicopter will depart without them and/or the tour shall not be reimbursed.

h. Safety brief
VNHN will provide a short safety briefing before the flight to ensure smooth operation.


a. Bookings must be made at least 1 hour in advance to allow time for the Operation Manager & pilot to prepare the flight plan, schedule and authorizations.
b. The minimum passengers for each flight is 4 passengers. If only 2 passengers request the flight, they will have to bear the cost of the 2 empty seats. (For example, the 2 passengers will pay 4 x US$ 1.25)


a. Passengers canceling the reservation 72 hours before departure will not be charged any fee and get a full refund if applicable,
b. Passengers canceling the reservation between 1 to 72 hours before flight departure shall be assessed a 50% cancellation fee,
c. For any cancellation shorter than 1 hour before the scheduled departure or no show, the full-service price will be charged.


a. A fee of 30% of the service price will be applied if a request for rescheduling is received between 30 minutes and 24 hours prior to the scheduled mission time.
b. No re-scheduled will be accepted shorter than 30 minutes prior to the flight time and will, therefore, be treated as a cancellation.

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