40 - minute sightseeing tour

Journey: Tuan Chau island – Thien Cung cave – Ga Choi islet – Titop island – Sung Sot cave – Ho Dong Tien cave – Trong cave – Cua Van fishing village – Sang Toi cave – Vung Ha beach – Vung Vieng fishing village – Cong Dam island – Cong Do island – Bai Tu Long national park – Bai Chay bridge – Ha Long Park – Reu island – Tuan Chau island.
General information about Tour:
Tour Code: TOUR40M
Tour Price: 393 USD / person
Duration: 40 minutes
Tour Type: Sightseeing Tour

Tuan Chau Island: As our helicopter takes off from the bustling and vibrant Tuan Chau Island, passengers will find themselves fascinated by the chains of luxurious 5-star hotels and various entertainment forms scattered across this beautiful jewel of Ha Long Bay.

Thien Cung Cave: Located in the northern tip of Dau Go island, 4km away from the ship harbor, Thien Cung Cave is one of the grandest and most beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay, possessing a wide range of limestone and stalagmite system. The surrounding area is luxuriantly covered with diverse flora, giving Thien Cung Cave a marvelous green view from above.

Ga Choi Islet (Trong Mai islet): Among numerous caves, grottoes and enchanting natural landscape, Trong Mai Islet, located in the southwest of Halong Bay is one of the must-see attractions of Ha Long’s charming beauty. Looking from high up in the air, tourists can see the two large rocky mountains facing each other in the form of two chickens unfurling wings fighting above the immense waters. The two rocks rising from Ha Long Bay’s aquamarine water, standing strong amid the vast sea create an iconic site representing Ha Long Bay’s pride.

Titop Island: Titop Island, which is located about 7 - 8 km in the south of Bai Chay ship harbor, possesses crescent shaped like white sand and the aquamarine water sparkling against Ha Long Bay’s sun all four seasons in the year. A clear view of layers of the glistening sand and crystal clear seawater embracing the island from above is what attracts tourists to take a helicopter flight to enjoy the picturesque beauty of Ha Long Bay.

Sung Sot cave (Surprising cave): Surprising cave is located in the center of the UNESCO World Heritage. From a bird’s eye’s view, the cave looks like a gentle giant covering some 10.000 m2, sleeping soundly in the middle of a green vegetation carpet. The cave was given a strange name but it has somehow managed to express fully the feelings of visitor on entering the two caverns of Surprising Cave - home to a unique stalactite system which allows one’s imagination to run wild, conjuring up all kinds of fantastic creatures and fanciful creations as they walk through the majestic structure. The Surprising Cave is currently ranked first in the list of famous landmarks in Ha Long Bay.

Ho Dong Tien Cave: Upon leaving Sung Sot cave, passengers shall be on their way to discover the next tourist attraction which is Ho Dong Tien cave. Ho Dong Tien Cave is not only home to the stalactite curtains running down from the ceiling and those rising from the ground, connecting the two parts together, but also an ideal residing home for curious animals living the dark. From our helicopter, you can fully enjoy the beauty of the Fairy Lake located in the middle of the complex, which is surrounded by magnificent limestone mountains and diverse vegetation. The emerald water nestles itself in a special ecological environment rich in many endemic species.

Trong Cave (Male cave): Male Cave is associated with a touching, yet tragic love story between a young woman and a hard-working fisherman residing in the village. Though deeply in love with each other, they could not be together as the woman was bound to marry a rich landlord. Dissatisfied with the forced marriage, the woman fled to a desert cave, which was later named Virgin Cave. Drowned in disappointment and sorrow, she petrified while waiting for her love. The fisherman followed her but unfortunately, got stuck in a cave opposite Virgin Cave (the present day Male cave) because of a ferocious storm. He smashed the rocks into the wall to call out for the woman until he too, turned into a stone statue, gazing towards the Virgin cave. Still now visitors can hear the wind blows in the slot of rocks then bounce back walls, creating drum-like sounds, which many people believe represent the sound of the fisherman reaching out for his love.

Cua Van Fishing Village: Cua Van fishing village was derived from two ancient fishing villages in Ha Long Bay namely Giang Vong and Truc Vong village. Its model represents the first floating cultural center for fishing communities built in Vietnam. A view from the air reveals the extremely romantic landscapes of the village with cozy and colorful wooden houses tying together for strength against fierce storms. Another panoramic view passengers would also get from our helicopter is the gentle and peaceful scenery of bamboo rafts floating in chains on the water surface. From a bird’s eyes view, the village nestles itself in the majestic limestone mountains, which would deeply leave a unique impression in tourists' mind. The untouched life of both the culture and nature here has contributed to the preservation of Cua Van’s pristine beauty dating back from a thousand-year history.

Sang Toi cave (Dark and Bright Cave): Laying on the border of Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay, the cave is blessed with stunning beauty and diverse ecosystem. Admiring the cave from above is a captivating experience as one gets to see the great size of the mountain and closely estimates the size of its grotto. The mountain is covered in green vegetation and surrounded by emerald seawater.

Vung Ha Beach: Vung Ha Beach located in the center of Bai Tu Long Bay is a lovely stop – off points for those wishing to discover the pristine beauty of Vung Ha island area and at the same time, get close to nature. From a bird’s eye’s view, tourists shall notice a stony terrain that supports little vegetation, surrounded with emerald water and flourishing marine life, which would truly be on your radar as an ideal get-away place for adventurous souls.

Vung Vieng Fishing Village: Admiring Vung Vieng fishing village from above, passengers would find themselves mesmerized by the breathtaking view of the ancient village’s charm. The boats covered eye-catching colors, create a picturesque scenery bobbing on the immense bay. On the calming sea waves, the floating houses seemingly linked with each other can easily cast glamor over tourists for a tranquil and romantic view. As the village is shielded by the massive limestone mountains with huge rolling rocks and jade green sea, Vung Vieng village appears to be an ink-painting picture from the helicopter’s view.

Cong Dam Island: Cong Dam Island is considered an outdoor geological museum, which has been preserved for over 340 million years. The highlight on our journey discovering Cong Dam island is the “stone park” as tourists shall have the chance to fully appreciate dozens of rocky islands composed of horizontal grain standing on Cong Dam’s water surface. Each of these rocky islands is made up of hundreds of straightforward stacked rocks seemingly like stacks of books arranged in a huge natural library. In addition, Cong Dam fishing village located in Cong Dam area is a small ancient village that tourists would also have the chance to admire from above. So far, the village still retains its primitive traditional fishing culture and a very fresh environment, making Cong Dam area a fascinating attraction for tourism activities.

Cong Do Island: Cong Do Island is located in the southeast of Ha Long Bay, about 24km from Tuan Chau cruise ship port. The island is famous for its enchanting features which visitors can only appreciate fully from the helicopter’s view. Such features include the yacht-filled waters, the exquisite lagoons that nature has built in multiple shapes and sizes and the various hills covered with green vegetation. Due to its shimmering white sand and winding beaches, Cong Do island has become an ideal stopover for tourists kayaking in the surrounding area.

Bai Tu Long National Park: Bai Tu Long National Park is an integral part of Bai Tu Long Bay. It contains rich marine ecosystems with 2/3 of the area being the marine surface of the national park and is home to many genetic samples of rare animals and plants species recorded in the Red Book. The park covers a total area of 15.783 ha, with 6.125 hectares being the forest area and 9.650ha being the sea surface and tidal wetlands. From the helicopter’s view, tourists can capture the natural landscape of a diverse and picturesque complex made up of the glistening water body, white sandy beaches and rocky islands covered with green flora and fauna. For its high value for conservation of genetic resources and archaeological sites where the trace of Van Don commercial port has been discovered proving the existence of ancient Vietnamese some 14 thousand years ago, Bai Tu Long national park has received a certificate recognized as the 38th Heritage Park of ASEAN area.

Bai Chay Bridge: Bai Chay Bridge, which is located on Highway 18, is an iconic symbol of Ha Long Bay, famous for its modern architecture, strategic location on transportation and economic value. The bridge connects 2 parts of Quang Ninh province which are Hon Gai and Bai Chay, separating Cua Luc Bay with Ha Long Bay. A view from our helicopter reveals the well-rounded soft curves gracefully silhouetted on Ha Long Bay’s waters for years on end. The two magnificent white towers rising towards the sky contribute to promoting the splendid beauty of the bridge, which definitely leaves unforgettable impressions for tourists admiring its beauty from above. With the central-line cable-stayed structure and the length of the main span of 435m, the bridge has set a world record for being the first central-line cable-stayed bridge reinforced concrete box beams prestressed built in Vietnam.

Ha Long Park: Ha Long Park is one of the leading entertainment complexes in Vietnam, filled with thrilling excitement. It covers a total area of up to 214ha, including 3 main sections connected by the Queen cable car system. With our helicopter tour, tourists shall be taken into a colorful world of playful water parks, roller coaster, the massive Sun Wheels and many other delights, bold architecture and extreme games admired from another angle to contemplate the marvelous panoramic beauty of Ha Long Bay. Being the pride of Ha Long Bay, Ha Long Park has lived up to its reputation, bringing new wind for Halong travel in particular and Quang Ninh tourism in general, attracting tourists both at home and abroad and contributing to awakening the endless potentials of this promising land.

Reu Island: Reu Island is a small island located about 600m away from Bai Chay beach. The secluded island nestles itself in the scenic beauty of Ha Long Bay’s tranquil waters and rocky islands. Its visual secrets, which are best revealed from the air, is ahead to greet all our passengers on their journey.

- High Tech Headsets for aerial tours’ narration in three languages;
- Passenger insurance;
- Opportunity to take photos with pilot and aircraft;

- Complimentary transfers to the heliport,
- Complimentary refreshments before/after your flight.


a. Pricing
Prices are subject to change depending on currency exchange rate and tax at the time of the booking.

b. Tour schedules
Tour schedules are subject to change at the pilot’s discretion as a direct result of bad weather condition, a maintenance issue that was unplanned or some other operational issue beyond our control.

c. Flying with Children
Children under 24 months of age are not allowed on board for safety reasons. Children 24 months and older require an individual full-fare seat.

d. Luggage
You are permitted to bring personal items such as cameras, phones, glasses or sunglasses aboard the aircraft. Purses, bags, handbags, camera bags, scarves, hats and other loose items of clothing will need to stay at the heliport in a private secure locker. 
To ensure the flight safety, passengers are not allowed to carry explosives, flammable substances, metal corrosive substances, sharp objects and any objects threatening to cause harm to other passengers on board and the helicopter itself.

e. Weather
All flights are subject to weather and light conditions at the pilot’s discretion. VNHN will not be held liable for any cancellation as a result thereof.

f. Additional Waiting Time
While every effort is made to accommodate a passenger’s request for additional waiting time, this will depend on VNHN’s commitments. After a free 15-minute grace period, an additional charge of 15% of the service price will come into effect. A delay of more than 30 minutes will be considered as a no-show and charged accordingly.

g. Late-show
Timing is very important for a helicopter tour and VNHN will not be able to accept any delay. Should the guest be late, the helicopter will depart without them and/or the tour shall not be reimbursed.

h. Safety brief
VNHN will provide a short safety briefing before the flight to ensure smooth operation.


a. Bookings must be made at least 1 hour in advance to allow time for the Operation Manager & pilot to prepare the flight plan, schedule and authorizations. 
b. The minimum passengers for each flight is 4 passengers. If only 2 passengers request the flight, they will have to bear the cost of the 2 empty seats. (For example, the 2 passengers will pay 4 x US$ 1.25)


a. Passengers canceling the reservation 72 hours before departure will not be charged any fee and get a full refund if applicable,
b. Passengers canceling the reservation between 1 to 72 hours before flight departure shall be assessed a 50% cancellation fee,
c. For any cancellation shorter than 1 hour before the scheduled departure or no show, the full-service price will be charged.


a. A fee of 30% of the service price will be applied if a request for rescheduling is received between 30 minutes and 24 hours prior to the scheduled mission time.
b. No re-scheduled will be accepted shorter than 30 minutes prior to the flight time and will, therefore, be treated as a cancellation.

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