Serving customers on each flight is a team of experienced and talented pilots of VNHN, trained in the US, Russia .., In particular, our pilots are all military officers should have discipline, commitment, with the sense of responsibility of the Soldier; has good control capability in all situations, helping to ensure absolute safety for travelers on every flight itinerary. 100% of VNHN pilots have been approved commercial pilots of the Vietnam Aviation Administration (CAAV), accumulating safely with many hours of flying experience for complex flight services; flight hours accumulated on helicopters thousands of hours, with pilots over 10,000 flight hours; Every year, they are sent to train and escape training rooms in the US, France and Singapore ...

Participating in helicopter sightseeing tours provided by VNHN, passengers would grasp the favorable opportunity to capture Ha Long Bay’s exotic beauty of from a bird’s eye view, soar amongst the limestone cliffs of one of the world’s most unique landscape and at the same time, satisfy your passion for adventures with a sense of superiority. The sightseeing tours offered by VNHN include:
VNHN’s charter flights offer passengers the perfect chance to design their own flying schedule. Imagine helicopter flights where you get to enjoy the calming sea breeze and the incredible natural views of various landmarks in Ha Long Bay. What better way to fly in your own style and at your own convenience? Let our charter flights take you into the awe-inspiring Ha Long’s wonders, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life!
VNHN provides passengers with efficient A – B transfer tours, which are aimed at getting to your designated destination swiftly and comfortably. Our helicopters’ flexibility allows us to land at a wide range of locations as well as various airports throughout Vietnam. Additionally, a large helicopter fleet enables us to have the aircraft ready to arrange both ad hoc flights and longer charter flights to suit your needs.
Our modern helicopters provide the perfect platforms for aerial surveys of ground-based assets capable of assessing the size, overall location, development potential and proximity to existing and future infrastructure of the targeting asset. Helicopter utilization in aerial survey projects has been proven to be one of the most efficient methods for assessing multiple site locations and providing a better overview of assets than other ground-based methods. Given our range of advanced aircraft and equipment, we can assure you the best aerial survey platform based on your requirements
Traveling to events in comfort and in style not only showcases your sense of style but also is a way of showing respect to the event host as well as the glamour of the event. VNHN’s Bell 505 helicopter would be your most suitable choice to satisfy all the above criteria, taking you beyond your expectation to create everlasting memories!
Apart from helicopter sightseeing tours, VNHN also provides passengers with photography & filming tours so that you can capture the living memories of you and your loved ones embraced by the charming beauty of Ha Long Bay into vivid clips and pictures. Wedding photos are sacred to every couple and holy proof of matrimony bond. The incorporation of a helicopter flight into your wedding photoshoot with Ha Long Bay’s panoramic views being your background would add to your photos a touch of class and bring your wedding memories to a high note. Halong Heli Tours welcomes the opportunity to be part of your special moments and will endeavor to make it the most memorable experience possible.The groom can wear our pilot uniform!