Should I travel Ha Long Bay at any time of the year ?

Summertime witnesses the highest number of domestic tourists visiting Ha Long Bay to escape the heat and enjoy a fascinating family vacation. Flocking to Ha Long Bay in summer, visitors can experience quality time with first-class services, stunning natural beauty and a breath of fresh air. Summer is also the high season for entertainment centers to thrive. There are thousands of game machines cater for all ages which promise to fill our daily life with positive vibes.

Contrary to many of its pros, traveling to Ha Long Bay in summer is not without its cons. Summer months are often known for wet weather, heavy rain, strong wind, and rough sea, which may prevent visitors from enjoying some of Ha Long Bay’s most fascinating activities, including kayaking, squid fishing, sightseeing and even swimming. In addition, the service cost during summer months is exorbitant due to a sudden increase in the number of visitors. As a result, finding hotel rooms or meals at restaurants charged at a reasonable price would then be a difficult task as all rooms have already been booked months beforehand.
Du lịch Quảng Ninh - Vịnh Hạ Long
International visitors favor the period from October to April over all others as they consider it to be the ideal time to visit Ha Long Bay. During this period, visitors coming to Ha Long Bay can benefit from favorable weather condition and the scenery of Ha Long Bay is beautiful and healthy. The average temperature is around 19*C, the water is calm and tranquil and the limestone mountains are mesmerizing, making it very suitable for tourists to participate in discovering activities, swimming and relaxing on the beach to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.
            To sum up, people differ in their views on the best time to visit Ha Long Bay depending on the amount of time available for vacation, family’s preference and individual intention. However, factors such as weather condition, service prices and scenery should be taken into account together with other controlling factors when it comes to choosing the right time to visit Ha Long Bay.

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