4 Amazing things to do in Ha Long Bay

Tai-chi on the deck

tai chi

Practicing Tai-chi or Yoga on the deck at the beginning of the day can do wonders for your health. Tai - chi is an exercising method that helps to improve both our mental and physical body. A certified professional instructor available on every training session will guide you towards practicing the right posture, movement and breathing of either Tai – chi or Yoga. Tourists will experience a sense of relaxation and pleasant feeling to kick-off their day with 100% of energy.

Kayaking to discover all the grandeur of Halong nature

Halong Kayaking to discover all of Halong nature

The calming sea breeze, the immense seawater as well as the inviting mystery of hidden lagoons in Ha Long Bay provide the ideal condition for adventurous souls to take a kayaking trip to explore the surrounding area. Admiring the unspoiled beaches, peaceful island and floating fishing villages gradually appear as one paddles through the marvelous limestone mountains can be an interesting experience that leaves tourists with unforgettable memories. During the journey, visitors can rest their hands, laying on sandy beaches to admire the magnificent yet romantic scenery of the sun sets or rises on Ha Long Bay’s tranquil waters.

Squid fishing at night on Ha Long Bay

Squid fishing is a must-try activity for any visitors coming to Ha Long Bay. Tourists participating in squid fishing on cruises shall be equipped with fishing rods, rackets and bait to actively catch squids. The very squids that were caught in the previous night will be served in the dishes of the following day. This way, the ingredients are kept fresh and tourists can feel extremely satisfied as they get to enjoy the fruit of their labor. Recently, squid fishing is gaining in popularity due to its individuality, proving the vogue of this interesting activity acting as a powerful hook, which not only draws thousands of visitors flocking to Ha Long Bay every year but also adds a wonderful pleasure to the night journey on Ha Long Bay. To many people, squid fishing has become an indispensable part of the Ha Long Bay’s experience.

Paying a visit to the well-known Pearl Village

The appearance of a pearl farm in Tung Sau area of Ha Long Bay has turned an ancient village into a tourist hotspot crowded with domestic and international visitors every year. The farm was originally built by the Ha Long Pearl Joint Stock Company, formerly known as the Vietnam - Japan Pearl Company. The company incorporates tourism activities into their main operational field which is pearl farming by letting tourists pay visits to their farm and purchase products made from pearls. Coming to Tung Sau’s Pearl Village, visitors will have the opportunity to observe step by step the process of how the pearls are cultured, buy pearl products from the company’s pearl shop such as rings, earrings and neckless. The products are beautiful and genuine, all come with certification

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