To book a helicopter tour, a reservation is required. Please call our reservation department at 091 6364 188 or at 098 311 6067 for assistance in making a tour reservation over the phone. Should you book through a tour operator or hotel concierge, he or she will assist you with the booking process.

VNHN can arrange both private tours and tours for large groups at your discretion. Please call our reservation department at 091 6364 188 or at 098 311 6067 for assistance in making a tour reservation over the phone. Should you book through a tour operator or hotel concierge, he or she will assist you with the booking process.

All vouchers must be printed out and brought to our customer service desk upon check-in.

We accept cash in VND, all major credit/debit cards and traveler’s checks.

Yes. Before boarding, a VNHN’s representative will accompany you to a security checkpoint where you will be scanned by a metal detector to ensure safety. Firearms, weapons, sharp objects, lighters, explosives and chemicals are prohibited at the heliport and aboard aircraft. Once your security check is complete you will be escorted to the reservation desk by a VNHN’s representative. There you will check-in with ticket confirmation and you will be asked to leave your belongings in a secure private locker during the flight. Please allow 15 minutes prior to your flight time for your security screening check-in and safety briefing.

The maximum number of passengers on each flight is four so either two or three other passengers will be flying with you depending on the aircraft dispatched that day. If you have reserved your seat with other people, they will fly with you. We always strive to keep groups together. However, due to weight and balance, they may not sit next to you aboard the aircraft. When it comes to seating arrangements, we prioritize safety and a balanced center of gravity.

Our fleet includes 2 luxurious Helicopter Bell 505s. Helicopter Bell 505 is the latest light helicopter generation imported completely by VNHN from the US, equipped with advanced aviation technology to ensure your superior flight experience.

There are multiple seats in the helicopters each with their own spectacular view. Due to weight and balance restrictions, we must seat our passengers accordingly to balance the helicopter’s center of gravity. Please advise us of any disabilities prior to departure so we can accommodate you.

The decision regarding any tour delay or cancellation will be at the Tour’s Captain’s discretion, but VNHN will not conduct helicopter tours in bad weather that impacts our safe operation of the helicopter. If you have any weather concerns please contact our reservations department at 091 6364 188 or at 098 311 6067. They are in contact with Flight Operations at all times regarding hazardous weather conditions.

Our goal is to fly you on time or ahead of schedule. A flight may be delayed due to intermittent weather conditions or a maintenance issue that was unplanned or as a result of some other operational issue beyond our control. Our Operations personnel will keep you informed and provide you with updates of the flight or the opportunity to reschedule should you require that option.

Prior to the flight, you will go through a security screening then check in with the reservations desk. You will then be asked to place your belongings in a private secure locker and use the restroom if necessary. Passengers will then be weighed and assigned a flight accordingly. The crewmember will then outfit each passenger with a life vest. This process takes about 15 minutes so checking in 15 minutes to departure is required.

You are permitted to bring personal items such as cameras, phones, glasses or sunglasses aboard the aircraft. Purses, bags, handbags, camera bags, scarves, hats and other loose items of clothing will need to stay at the heliport in a private secure locker.

To ensure the flight safety, passengers are not allowed to carry explosives, flammable substances, metal corrosive substances, sharp objects, Samsung Galaxy Note7.... and any objects threatening to cause harm to other passengers on board and the helicopter itself.

Our aerial tours offer you tour narration in three languages (two at a time) through a premium aviation headset. The pre-recorded narration allows for your pilot to focus on communicating with air traffic control in Ha Long Bay airspace and answer your questions if any precisely.

The information about each location on the tour will be recorded and delivered to the visitors along the length of the flight via a premium aviation headsets system. This enables our pilots to focus on communication with the airway control department and answer visitors' questions correctly.

If you are susceptible to motion sickness, you can take a medication sickness pill to prevent it. The airsickness bags are fully equipped on all flights to serve passengers in case of necessity.

Please note that VNHN charges a 100% service fee for children 24 months and older. We have fully equipped headphones to protect hearing for passengers on board. Children under 24 months of age are not allowed on board for safety reasons.

We offer a variety of charter flights for customers including event tour, wedding photography and filming tour, aerial survey tour, so on and so forth. Private charter flights required by passengers are always on our top priority list!

You should wear clothes that match the weather conditions of the area at the time of the flight.

Our helicopters are fully equipped with air conditioning systems and the temperature inside the aircraft can be controlled by the pilots. Therefore, do not hesitate to tell our pilots if you feel too hot or too cold. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when flying with VNHN!

For a passenger booking a photo or video tour in the air, at least one door of the helicopter or more shall be opened during the flight. Therefore, you should note to prepare the appropriate clothes since you will be in direct contact with weather conditions outside the aircraft. When the helicopter flies high, the air will be thinner and colder.

We always strive to keep to your designated flight routes. However, sometimes poor visibility due to thick clouds, low clouds or other restrictions may prevent us from following the prepared flight routes. Of course, we will stay updated on the weather reports and minimize schedule changes or pre-flight restrictions. Once again, our number one concern is your safety and satisfaction!